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Telluride Summer Skateboard Camp

The Drop Boardshop

This is the camp that will make your kids cooler than you.
Time after time, we have seen the lessons taught through skateboarding carry over into integral life skills. Because it is difficult to master, skateboarding teaches patience and perseverance, focus and respect. Your child will gain self-confidence as they learn to skateboard in a safe and supportive environment, with expert coaching in a program designed specifically for learning and progression. These new skills will show in the skatepark, and in their everyday lives. Oh…and its really fun too!

The Summer Staple. 14 years running strong.
With the help of expert coaches, learn all that skateboarding has to offer at Telluride’s three different skateparks. We meet each stoked skater at their ability level (from never-ever complete-beginner to intermediate and advanced skaters) assess their strengths and weaknesses and help them progress toward their goals, and ultimately have more fun on a skateboard. From flatland ollies, to street plaza tricks, to shredding the bowl, skatecampers get it all. The more you skate…the better you get. The better you get…the more fun you have…

WHEN: May 31st thru Sept 2nd
Book a single morning or a full week.

AGES: 5+

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Coaches temperatures will be taken each day and will wash hands throughout camp. Coaches will wear masks when closer than 6 feet to a child, and have been approved to hold campers hands and/or closely spot them for safety while skating. Coaches will use hand sanitizer between holding campers hands (from different families). If you would prefer coaches to remain socially distanced from your child, and only verbally coach with no hand holding/spotting, please respond as such to this email. AM Camp pickup/release will be at 12Noon from the townpark skatepark, each day.

Please, only come to camp if you and your household are 100% healthy. If you show any of the following symptoms, please do not come to skatecamp (and of course you will receive a full refund):

-Shortness of breath
-Runny nose
-Head/body aches
-Sore throat
-Loss of taste or smell
-Or have family members/close contacts showing these symptoms

Thank you for taking these precautions. Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions and/or concerns. We feel very fortunate to be able to run Skatecamp, and are stoked to get to skate with your kiddos!

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All campers must bring close-toed athletic shoes, a water bottle, snacks, and a positive attitude. 

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